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Attack Tyrann IR 3.5CH 100% RTF

Article number: 500507072 Product: Attack Tyrann IR 3,5C 100 % RTF The ATTACK TYRANN from CARSON is an easy-to-fly beginner's "fun helicopter" with special functions. The model is equipped with a transmitter-controlled gun which can shoot small arrows during flight. LEDs which are also operated via the transmitter make the helicopter look cool. Easy Handling - an electronic flight stabiliser (gyro) makes the helicopter safe and easy to control. A metal chassis and tail boom provide the necessary stability. The ATTACK Tyrann comes 100% supplied with everything you need to get airborne straight away. Included: Preassembled ready-to-fly helicopter with remote control, Li-Po flight battery, USB charger, spare rotor blades, arrows and transmitter batteries Safetiy note: Not for children under 14 years. The packaging has to be kept since it contains important informations. Illustration may vary from actual product in the box. CARSON reserves the rights to change, update or replace any component at any time.   Warning! Not suitable for children under 14 years.
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CARSON Easy Tyrann 180 Sport 3-Chanal IR 100% RTF

Small! Light! Smart! Our Easy Tyrann 180 Sport is RTF and equipped with an 3-channel IR-transmitter. The sturdy micro helicopter is easy to fly thanks to the build in gyro. App. flight time 6 minutes.   Scope of delivery: ready to fly model with IR transmitter, LiPo-battery, USB charging cable and transmitter batteries.   3-channel IR-transmitter with channel selection (A-B) LED-Light USB-charging jack at transmitter USB-charging cable charging time 50 - 60 Min. integrated 3,7 V/150 mAh 1S LiPo-power pack alu-chassis koaxialrotor Flight time: up to 6 Min. Length: ca. 195 mm Rotor-Ø: ca. 195 mm Height: ca. 104 mm Flightweight: 31 g
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Nano Tyrann IR 2Ch 100% RTR

Article number: 500507070 Product: Nano Tyrann IR 2-Ch 100% RTF Small! Light! Fun! The Nano Tyrann IR is a ready-to-fly indoor fun helicopter with infrared remote control, and with cool looks. The model is very stable and easy to fly. The super-compact Nano Tyrann comes fully equipped and provides up to 6 minutes of flying fun at little cost.
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CARSON Easy Tyrann 550 100% RTF

The 3.5-channel action-helicopter from CARSON! The Easy Tyrann 550 from CARSON brings fun and action to all helicopter fans, even beginners! Easy Handling - an electronic flight stabiliser (gyro) makes the helicopter super-easy and safe to control. The master mode is activated by operating the tail rotor turbo switch, increasing the speed and agility of the Easy Tyrann. The chassis and tail boom are made from light, sturdy aluminium. The complete Easy Tyrann 550 package contains everything you need to get airborne.   Scope of delivery: Preassembled ready-to-fly helicopter with remote control, Li-Ion flight battery, charger and 4x AA transmitter batteries.   Technical details • 3.5 channel 27 MHz remote control with mode switch (Tail Rotor Speed Switch) • Channel selection (A –B) and electronic gyro trim • assembled and ready to fly • 7.4 v/ 1500 mAh Li-Ion flight battery • Li-Ion 500mA fast charger • Tools • Manual   Technical data Length 666 mm Height 303 mm Flightweight 666 g
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