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1:56 Char B1

Art.Nr.: 510015766 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:56 Char B1 bis 100% NEW MOULD - CONTAINS 3 FIGURE - COLOR INSTRUCTION SHEET WWll FRENCH AND GERMAN MILITARY VEHICLE (28 mm.) - EASY ASSEMBLY FOR GAMERS AND COLLECTORS The "Char de Bataille" B1 was the main heavy tank used by the French Army during World War II. The original project was set up in the mid-1920s (many technical solutions adopted as the large tracks are derived from the First World War main tanks) but the delivery to the French Army started only in the mid-30s. Massive and robust, Char B1 was improved in "bis" version to increase its operational effectiveness. It was armed with the 47 mm gun, located in the small turret, and the 75 mm howitzer located in the hull. The tank was characterized by a strong armour able to provide a good protection. However the heavy weight negatively affected the speed (28 Km/h) and the on road and off road maneuverability . Even if it was a good tank for those times, the Char B1 bis was deployed to support the infantry Divisions and not in Tanks Divisions. Due to this it was impossible to compete against the German Panzer Divisions during the French Campaign on 1940. After the fall of France a certain number of Char B1 has been used by German Army. Most of them became platforms for flamethrowers and known as PzKpfw B1 Bis (f) flamm. Decals for 6 versions
24,99 €
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1:56 WoT Tiger 1

Available in Europe only! The model PANTHER Ausf. G in 1/35 scale has a length of about 253 mm. The Box contains: 1 MODEL KIT - 1 LIQUID CEMENT - 1 TANK GUIDE - 1 POSTER (42x59,4cm) - WORLD oF TANKS DECALS - 3 INVITE CODES - 1 BONUS CODE The Panther was produced as a reaction to the tanks encountered by German forces during Operation Barbarossa. Having considered Soviet tank designs to be obsolete, German tank crews were stunned when they came up against concepts like sloped armour on the T-34 and the sheer size and brutality of the KV-1. The Panther, designed as a kind of multi-purpose tank, took Soviet innovations and supersized them. Entering the battlefield from 1943 and weighing in at around 45 tonnes, this was a huge machine. It was technologically ambitious, seeking to combine armouring with speed and firepower. It mounted one of the best guns of the war - the dependable 7,5 cm Kw.K 42 L/70. However, in needing the tank on the field as quickly as possible, many shortcuts were taken in the manufacture and testing of the Panther. Reliability problems and mechanical failures became the bane of its crews. It was an over-engineered design that left no room for cutting corners. Roughly 6000 Panthers were made, but arrived too late to make a difference. It cannot be denied that if it had arrived earlier, and with all its high-tech features operational, the path of history would have deviated.
25,99 €
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1:56/28mm PzKpfw. III Ausf.J-N o. Zub.

Lieferumfang: 100% Neue Form - Tanker inklusive Abziehbilder für 4 Versionen.
19,99 €
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1:18 IT PIAGGIO APE 50 Calessino

Art.Nr.: 510068006 Artikelbezeichnung: 1:18 IT PIAGGIO APE 50 Calessino Das ITALERI-Modell der Piaggio Ape Calessino „Limited Edition" ist besonders detailgetreu und ein optisches Highlight in Sammlervitrinen. Die Ape (ital. = Biene) wird umgangssprachlich auch als Vespa-Auto bezeichnet und ist ein Kleintransporter bzw. dreirädriges Rollerfahrzeug des italienischen Herstellers Piaggio, es wurde 1947 in Italien eingeführt. Das Modell der Ape Calessino zeigt eine Variante mit Stofffaltdach und stoffbezogenen Türen, die vorderen lassen sich öffnen. Die Druckguss-Karosserie verleiht dem Modell eine hochwertige Haptik und Gummiräder, vorne sogar lenkbar, runden das perfekte Finish ab. Eine zweite Variante mit Ladefläche ist unter der N° 510068005 erhältlich. Officially licensed product made by Piaggio & C. S.p.A. Lieferumfang: Fertigmodell mit Ansteckspiegeln Technische Daten: Maßstab: 1:18 Maße L x B x H: ca. 16,5 x 8 x 10 cm Material: Druckguss (Metall)
22,49 €
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